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Our Malaysia partner has 12+ years of experience with an excess of 15,000 manpower deployments in Manufacturing, Security, Hospitality and Agriculture.

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Our Philippines partner has 18+ years of experience and servicing staff across manufacturing and service sectors in the Philippines, Europe, Taiwan and Malaysia.

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Our Myanmar partner has 20+ years of experience owning and operating the most prominent private hospitals. Additional businesses in construction, hospitality colleges, plantations and mining with experienced staff to provide for deployment

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Our Indonesia partner has 15+ years of experience in labour provision to Australia, the US, Europe and the Middle East. Specialising in hospitality, healthcare sector, agriculture facilities management, heavy goods, mining minerals and resources, plus civil works construction.

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Our Bangladesh partner has 22+ years of experience providing labour to the Middle east, Gulf states, Europe and the UK. Specialisation in Civil works construction, mining workers, hospitality, facilities management, fabrication and agriculture.

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Our Nepal partner has 18+ years of experience with an excess 0f 75,000 manpower deployments concentrating on the Gulf region in sectors such as Hospitality, Cruises, Construction and Healthcare.