WorkReady Asia Pty Ltd ACN 657 942 731 (WRA) is an Australian unlisted public company that provides dedicated, loyal, qualified, and experienced personnel to the hospital, aged care, retirement, hospitality, agricultural and mining sectors of Australia.

All our personnel is entitled to reside and work in Australia.

WRA seeks to solve the ‘skilled shortage challenges’ faced across various sectors. Our subsidiary companies in Malaysia and global network partners in the Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, Fiji, and India train and deliver personnel armed with internationally recognized qualifications,   experience, and   skills demanded by industry sectors.

In addition, WRA provides its clients with bespoke personnel procurement cloud software to help them manage their personnel utilization needs and deliver a complete service with timesheet management and payroll processing.

WRA matches the right skills to the right role at the right time.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide world-class upskilling business process outsourcing and technology solutions that provide high-quality value-added services for our clients and our people.

Our Vision

To be a world-class provider of dedicated, loyal, qualified, and experienced personnel by integrating:

  • Education
  • Experience and Skills
  • Software
  • Wellness Programme which includes the provision of transport to and from work, accommodation in close proximity to work, catering, entertainment, banking facilities, welfare and mentoring support for our Personnel

Our Philosophy

Be the enabler in creating, developing, and matching the right people with the right skill to the right role at the right time enabling clients to achieve increased/improved productivity.

Our Values

Efficiency – advanced skilled training

Customer – deliver satisfaction

Compliance & Governance, with integrity to ensure fair, inclusive, non-discriminatory, and dignified practices.

Continued    professional   development


20+ Years of Experience

Global partner network experience for labour hire services and staff welfare management


Total Global Workforce Database

0 labour relation issues

No referrals

Why WorkReady Asia ?

We have 0 labour relation issues. No referrals to any labour relations tribunal as a result of strong disciplined management and Engagement with our workforce.

Our Global Network are:

  • Australia (MLB, BNE, SYD, PER, ADL)
  • Malaysia (KL, PNG)
  • Philippines (MNL, BTG, CVE, CEB)
  • India (IND)
  • Nepal (KTM)
  • Vietnam (HCMC)
  • Fiji (NAN)

Our Network Through Asia

Working Together to Serve Our Client Network

  1. Our Malaysian subsidiary has 12+ years of experience with over 15,000 deployments in manufacturing, Security, Hospitality, and Agriculture.
  2. Our Philippines partner has 18+ years of experience and servicing staff across Manufacturing    and Service sectors in the Philippines,   Europe, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
  3. Our Nepal partner has 18+ years of experience with an excess of   75,000 deployments  concentrating on the Gulf region in sectors such as Hospitality, Cruises, Construction, and Healthcare.
  4. Our Indonesian partner has 15+ years of experience in labour provision to Australia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Specializing in the hospitality and healthcare sectors, agriculture facilities management, transportation, mining, and construction.
  5. Our Bangladeshi partner has 22+ years of experience providing labour to the Middle East, Europe, and the UK. Specialization in construction, mining, hospitality, facilities management, and agriculture.
  6. Our Myanmar partner has 20+ years of experience owning and operating the most prominent private hospitals. Additional businesses in construction, hospitality colleges, plantations, and mining with experienced staff.

Key Differentiator & Value Proposition

  1. We provide a complete end-to-end human capital solution focusing on sourcing, deployment, further education and advancement, and welfare management of qualified and experienced personnel to the requirements of our clients; all to an ethical standard.
  2. Our philosophy on personnel welfare (accommodation for staff, transportation to and from the place of work, seven days a week cafeteria services) and our people community management through community welfare officers to our personnel at the place of abode) – provides a family-oriented home away from home environment.
  3. Everyone is happy!