Good question on whether this is a scam or is it legit, especially given the many stories on unethical recruitment practices.

Workready Asia Pty Ltd (Australian Company Number: 657 942 731) with presence in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia and operating with labour-hire licenses:

  • (QLD)Labour Hire Licence Number: LHL-06906-Q0F8S
  • (VIC) Labour Hire Licence Number: VICLHL07926

The typical submission process is for personal details of candidates to be verified, reviewed and validated for the authenticity of qualifications and experience.  As authenticated, especially experience levels, the next stage is to pass a Language Literacy and Numeracy test at Australian standards.  Passing this, a candidate moves to a Character interview to be shortlisted (the current LLN passing trend is lower than 50%).

The initiative of working in Australia is rigorous, unlike other countries that candidates may have experienced. We require quality applicants with good aptitude and attitude that is suitable for the Australian workplace standards.  Perhaps candidates personal experience has been with countries where processes are much easier than Australia.

This is a learn to earn pathway, whereby we seek qualified and experienced Nurses with a Diploma or Degree or Certified Caregivers for Aged care, various roles in Melbourne and regional Victoria.  Workready Asia Pty Ltd is an integrated People Management business in Australia whereby we source experienced candidates from Asia within the Healthcare space; then provide mandatory up-skilling to Australian workplace competency standards & safety requirements where we employ persons directly or via our Labour Hire business for our clients.

The applicant will be responsible for the cost of the visa application and the processing fee. The fee amount will be shared  with you, and this amount may vary depending on the visa type.  It is important to note that the Visa application fee and processing fee are non-refundable.  Similarly, flight costs must be paid by the applicant only after successfully gaining the visa.

Leave application will be determined and granted by the customer of the company. If leave is granted, just like any other leave application process, the person may make arrangements to return to their home country for a break.


a) 1st three months – work

b) 2nd three months – back to home country

c) 3rd three months – complete balance of three months to work

d) 4th three months – Holiday and back to home country

Answer: The company and customer will set and agree upon work requirements and engagement. A short break may be applicable if there is engagement for work for three months and a break is provided.

Australian companies do not subsidise medical benefits. It is the responsibility of the individual. The individual person may purchase appropriate travel and/or medical insurance as they see fit. We are unable to recommend or make suggestions for an insurance company, given the strict guidelines and rules surrounding financial services.

These are some insurance comparison websites the candidate can review:

An employment offer and contract will exist between WRA Pty Ltd for those candidates successful in being selected by the clients of WRA P/L and those candidates successfully chosen for specific projects.

Making any logistics arrangements for emergency situation trips will be the responsibility of the individual. The company and/or client can not have such responsibility for logistical arrangements.

It must be understood that Australia has strict guidelines for worker treatment with Federal and State legal requirements and workplace health and safety legal requirements. There is no mistreatment of workers as this becomes illegal and carries significant penalties for companies. The governing body for workers in Australia is Fair Work Commission, and the control is via the Fair Work Act 2009 and its regulations.

Employee welfare management will be ongoing with constant touchpoints and communication with all deployed persons.  Furthermore, the “App” that can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play Store will manage contact and information.  Any problems that can be handled and managed by WRA P/L shall be catered for. Should any issues arise of a personal nature, then such guidance will be provided to the respective area or authority to deal with this.

No, everyone will be using shared accommodation.

 No, you must pass and have a Cert IV in order to work in healthcare sector.

A candidate must have the mandatory English requirement to be successfully selected with an achievement level of Level 5.5 for aged care or Level 7 for nursing.  This can take 12-16 weeks at our Language centre in Melbourne or Brisbane. Upon completing and passing the minimum required English, the candidates then progress to a working Visa in several categories.   Without mandatory English achievement, candidates are NOT considered to establish a career in healthcare aged care with Workready Asia Pty Ltd and hence the Visa requirements.

The mandatory English certification programme is 12-16 weeks, following this the CERT IV in Aged Care support ranges from 9 months to 15 months depending on what prior learning can be granted. As you know the education fees is subsidised for you. What is important to note is that whilst you are learning; your will also be earning with work arranged for you.

No, however Workready Asia subsidises the cost of education over 30 months, plus provide discounted shared accommodation within the community in the city. So candidates get to earn, learn and afford to live in Melbourne and establish your career in Aged care with a good level of subsidy.

Workready Asia Pty Ltd is not a migration business and any PR related questions should be directed to the Australia Immigration Department or to a Migration Lawyer.  Where longer term employment visa is provided through a sponsorship structure, the necessary requirement and criteria needs to be followed as per Department of Home Affairs information.  Should you wish to research further this is the link for Immigration Australia Visa Classes.

Each student must attend the minimum hours of class hours in a week and then work out their own time for work; that currently is set at 38 hours per week. However the total hours will depend on each candidate and their focus of works and study time.

The pathway initiative with Workready Asia Pty Ltd is a singular initiative given the shared accommodation and community structure set up to support our clients.  In the future and upon completing the required subsidised period and programme where sponsored employment is provide a candidate may consider their family and make their own necessary arrangements then.

Yes, The Fair Work Act of Australia deals with remuneration (including equal remuneration for men and women), hours of work, leave, holidays, unfair dismissal, and the terms and conditions that may apply to particular types of workers, such as outworkers and pieceworkers. The national workplace relations system is a collection of legislation that applies to most employees and employers in Australia. It includes the Fair Work Act 2009, the National Employment Standards, registered agreements and awards.

Allowed. Once they go through and achieve a sponsored VISA status depending on VISA 491, 482 or regional VISA. After having gone through sufficient service with the employer, the PR process will begin and the families of the foreign workers will be granted permanent residency (PR).

If in the unfortunate circumstance, a person passes away, any salaries due from work done will be paid to the next of kin or person identified on the employment declaration form.

2 weeks to 16 weeks. If you fail, need to retake until you achieve 5.5 or you achieve a score of 7. Then, go through a preparatory program. Do the exam when we are ready to do it.

Yes. If you have a Caregiving Certificate and you have passed your LLN, you would go       through a process of doing the English qualification to get to 5.5 and doing Cert III and Cert IV in AgeCare in Brisbane and go into AgeCare.

The registration fees is paid after the successful completion of the mandatory English certification.

The mandatory English programmes and Certifications is accepted through the Language Centre at Workready Asia Pty Ltd.

The pathway initiative with Workready Asia Pty Ltd is a singular initiative given the shared accommodation and community structure set up to support our clients, therefore no dependents until the subsidised period is completed.

SOP is a mandatory document for your Australian student visa application.

It is a Genuine temporary entrant requirement. Yes, it is required.

Yes, a statement from your bank is required.

Upwards from 26 days to 3 months.

Candidates will be provided with the preferred Insurer selected by Workready Asia Pty Ltd    for the annual insurance premium; currently as an approximate value this is at AUD$780.

WRA arranges accommodation for the candidates within it’s community structure and with other cohort members whereby the shared accommodation is offered at a substantially discounted rate of AUD$200 per week.  F&B charges for the kitchen dining room will be provided once the candidates take up their shared rooms.

It is advisable that candidates have at the least an amount of AUD$2000 with them for pocket money and incidentals.

WRA offers a full manpower management company. Weekly 200 AUD.

EDUK8U TVET School Asia accepts credit card payments through the Malaysia Administration Shared Service offices where your current applications, enrolments and registration details are getting processed.

Candidates are able to use their parents bank statements, in order to do so the parents will need to provide a letter of unconditional support and financial undertaking for the candidate.  This will be seen as a genuine approach and reason for using the parents bank statements.