Preparing for your Aged Care Job Interview

Dr Roy Prasad (Hon Professor) FInstAM |January 9, 2023

Preparing for your Aged Care Job Interview

Now that you’ve acquired enough training, gotten certified, explored many job options, and invited for an interview, you must prepare for the interview process to land your dream job.

Setting yourself up for success starts with knowing what to expect in the interview session and preparing the correct answers. You don’t want to get in front of the interviewers and make a wrong first impression. The interview process is the time to put your knowledge, skills, and experience into practice. You want to show you’re the right fit for your interviewing role. 

Here are a few tips to help you make a good impression throughout the interview.

Research the role you’re applying for

Nothing could be more disparaging than getting in front of interviewers and making a mess of yourself by not clearly understanding the position, role and description. Of course, the interviewer will likely structure their questions around the part you’re applying for. Thus, you’d want to impress them by knowing how you fit into the description and the value you can offer the organisation.

Understand your prospective employer

You must know about the organisation’s services, values, and ethics. This will help you position yourself as the preferred candidate. Prepare a couple of questions to impress your interviewer. This shows you have done your homework on the organisation and are genuinely interested in working with them.

Plan your day

The worst thing is arriving late at an interview (whether online or in-person). If in-person, it is essential that you already know your way to where the discussion will take place. At the same time, planning your trip, factor in contingencies such as traffic and weather. Ensure you get to the interview about 30 minutes before the actual time. This enables you to settle and overcome every fret, thus minimising possible challenges.

Present yourself well

Remember, the first impression matters. An interviewer’s first impression of an interviewee is how they are dressed and groomed. Wear a comfortable outfit that is a perfect fit for the role. Make sure you keep a clean haircut (for men) or have a simple hairstyle (for women). Look neat and tidy. Avoid heavy use of accessories such as chains, earrings, necklaces, etc. Be polite and professional in your approach. Also, make eye contact and smile genuinely throughout the interview process. All of these add up to how your interviewer perceives you.

Be authentic

There are situations where some people would want to overstate their interests, passion, and job-related experiences. This is a bad idea. Interviewers are experienced and can easily puncture through any lie. From what you have on your CV or resume, be sure that every piece of information you provide represents your skills and experiences. Prepare to answer every question as honestly as possible.

EDUK8U®TVET School Asia working with Work Ready Asia, offers a certified pathway to a healthcare/Aged-care career in Australia. It provides the required qualifications, skills, and competency development to prepare prospective nurses and healthcare professionals to qualify to work in Australia.

Dr Roy Prasad (Hon Professor) FInstAM

Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
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