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Registered Nurse Grade 2 Year 1 – 8

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➡️Application Suggestions and Guide

Workready Asia P/L and EDUK8U TVET School Asia P/L jointly have proposed a fully managed healthcare staffing services to a prominent Area Health Service (AHS) provide who is a fully accredited small rural health service consisting of 40 Acute and 95 Aged Care beds across five sites. Servicing the land first inhabited by the Indigenous people of Australia. AHS provides a broad range of acute, Community-based, and aged care services integrated with local general medical practices. Additionally, AHS manages several other local services in post-acute care, planned activity groups and infection control. The duties of this position are to be performed with adherence to the purpose and values identified through AHS’s strategic plan and compliance with the Code of Behaviour for AHS staff.

The Registered Nurse’s role within the multidisciplinary team is to provide evidence-based consumer care within their scope of practice. The Registered Nurse is primarily accountable for providing leadership to the nursing team in delivering quality care in acute and residential services.

Clinical Care
● Systematically assesses the consumer, analyses data and identifies appropriate nursing care. ∙ Use critical and reflective thinking skills in contributing to decision-making, including reporting changes in health and functional status and individual responses to health care interventions.
● Applying knowledge and skills, develop and document a care plan reflecting the consumer’s needs.
● Implements individualised nursing care that is effective and safe.
● Evaluate and validate the effectiveness of nursing strategies towards meeting expected consumer outcomes from a person-centred care model, assess, plan and escalate changes in a person’s condition.
● Contribute to the review of care plans in conjunction with the consumer/carer.
● Recognises changes in the consumer’s condition, takes necessary action and documents variations in the care plan.
● Accepts professional standards, policies and clinical guidelines and working within the scope of practice.
● Prepares consumers for discharge by educating them about their conditions, medications, self-care strategies, and the importance of follow-up care.
● Provision of contemporary and evidence-based best practice nursing care.

● Communicate and collaborate professionally with internal and external peers, stakeholders and consumers.
● As required, provide clinical leadership and supervision for new Employees, Graduate Nurses and Nursing Students.
● Perform all other duties as directed, within the limits of skill, competence and training to maximise flexibility and effectiveness.
● Communicate respectfully with all employees in accordance with AHS Values and Standards of Behaviour.
● Ensures clinical staff work as a team to understand the dynamics of the patient journey to support the consumer’s individual goals.

● Assists in planning, delivering, evaluating and documenting quality nursing care in consultation with consumers, carers, and other health professionals.
● Ensures medical records are managed in compliance with relevant legislation and that privacy, confidentiality, and security are maintained.
● Complete filing and documentation as required on each shift.

Professional Competence & Development of Self and Others
● Accepts responsibility for own continuing professional development by setting realistic goals based on assessment of individual strengths and learning needs.
● Participates in the review of one’s professional development on an annual basis
● Supports the development of others by acting as a resource to colleagues and participating in orientation and mentoring of new staff.
● Agree to work towards and maintain annual registration requirements and continuing professional development (CPD standards outlined by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency for Nursing and Midwifery).
● Undertake all assigned Education Training Schedule units outlined by Workready, EDUK8U and AHS.

Quality / Safety and Risk Management
● Demonstrated commitment to best practice.
● Understand the importance of consumer safety, clinical risk management and consumer participation within our organisation.
● Follow organisational safety, quality, risk management guidelines and relevant legislation.
● Take responsibility for your practice and, when appropriate, share responsibility for creating and maintaining systems that provide a safe working environment and high-quality health care.
● Escalate safety, quality, risk concerns to the appropriate staff member – if unable to rectify yourself.
● Promote and participate in quality improvement activities to improve consumer outcomes and maintain accreditation standards.
● Comply with principles of consumer-directed care.
● Comply with requirements of relevant regulatory requirements.

● AHS’s values and expected behaviours support ethical and responsible decision-making and a culture where all staff behave with integrity and respond appropriately if behaviour (at any level within an organisation) falls short of expectations.
● AHS’s disclosure and reporting processes provide confidentiality, utilise effective investigation and escalation mechanisms and include a range of actions to address fraudulent, corrupt or other unacceptable employee behaviours.
● If you suspect unethical, fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, it is imperative to report that behaviour. Sometimes, this behaviour is managed internally, but if it meets the mandatory minimum requirements, the CEO, as the principal officer at AHS, has a statutory obligation to report material issues to the
Independent Broad-based Anticorruption Commission (IBAC).
● Reports can be made directly to the CEO or the Board depending upon the level of the organisation
where the suspected behaviour occurs.
Other Requirements
● Provide direct and indirect supervision to Enrolled Nurses and Health Care Workers about safe
medication management and best practices.
● Ensure compliance with relevant AHS policies and guidelines.
● Protect confidential information from unauthorised disclosure, and do not use, disclose or copy
confidential information except for and to the extent necessary to perform your duties for AHS.
● Comply with relevant privacy legislation.
● Maintains current knowledge of clinical practice and research in nursing.

It’s expected that the Registered Nurse works under the delegation of an ANUM/NUM to meet the following performance indicators:
● Ensures clinical nursing delivered within the scope of their role.
● Contributes to the consumer’s journey by providing support that enables them to engage more proactively with their condition and treatment.
● Practices in accordance with legislation affecting nursing practice.
● Actively participates in and contributes to continuous improvement initiatives.
● Communicates professionally and effectively with the team, patients and families.
● Provides guidance, leadership, mentoring and support to all employees to assist them in reaching their full potential.
● Achieves full compliance with the Education Training Schedule.

● Consumer Focus
● Functional / Technical Skills
● Motivating Others
● Problem-Solving
● Conflict Management
● Time Management

● Certificate in Nursing or Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) or other relevant qualification.
● Registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as a Registered Nurse (pathway to work towards as part of engagement).
● Demonstration of Consumer Directed Care (adaptability, respecting diversity, innovative thinking, applying evidence into practice self-management).
● Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.
● Identify your values and beliefs surrounding healthcare and respect alternative views and diversity. ∙ Demonstrated ability to communicate accurately and effectively in written and verbal forms. ∙ Demonstration of excellent organisational and time management skills.
● A current National Police Check or ability to obtain a satisfactory check.
● Evidence of Recent Annual Influenza Immunisation
● Evidence of full immunisation against COVID-19

The Registered Nurse at AHS will hold:
● Ability to comply with the “Behavioural Outcomes” for this role.
● A Working with Children Check (agree to comply with and obtain in Australia if selected).

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Staff at AHS must also comply with both the Industry and organisational Code of Conduct

AHS provides a safe working environment for staff as part of the process Risk Assessments have been carried out and this position could include some or all of the following. (All areas marked, e.g. X or ✔, to those that apply to this position)

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Do NOT COMPLETE OR APPLY without a clear understanding that you acknowledge and ensure:
● That you have read and fully understand the Position Description and the position’s Job Analysis.
● You agree that you have the physical ability to fulfil the inherent requirements of the position and accept the role in fulfilling the responsibilities, activities and duties.
● You understand that the information provided is a general outline and may not encompass every aspect of the position.
● That Workready, EDUK8U or AHS may alter the duties of this position description if and when the need arises. Any such changes in the future will have consultation with the affected applicant(s).
● You understand that this is separate from the employment agreement that, if selected, you will sign, outlining the terms and conditions of any engagement.