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Patient Support Services | Hospital Assistant

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➡️Application Suggestions and Guide

The hospital assistant plays a crucial role in supporting the delivery of an efficient and effective catering and cleaning service to the patients and facilities within the health service, thereby contributing to overall patient care.

About the role:
The Hospital Assistant Grade 2 is integral to the multidisciplinary health care team. Working under the direction and supervision of the support services manager, the assistant supports delivering an efficient and effective catering and cleaning service to the patients and facilities within the Health Service. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the major centre, this rural centre offers a unique opportunity to provide acute, emergency, and aged care services. The facility, with its eight acute beds, 18 residential aged care beds, emergency department, dialysis, and community & primary health services, is a hub of healthcare in the region.

● Undertake a range of cleaning duties as outlined in a daily schedule, including high-level cleaning, outside cleaning, stripping and/or sealing floors, cleaning tooth and vomit bowls, and sanitising bed pans and other equipment to ensure the patient and hospital environment remains clean, safe, and attractive.
● Cooking and/or preparing light refreshments for patients, such as eggs, toast, and salads, and delivering patient meals to support the nutrition of patients/ residents.
● Maintain adequate knowledge of food safety and hygiene by completing initial and refresher modules in food safety and hygiene, as required by local policy/ procedure, and comply with the requirements of the local food safety program to ensure ongoing food safety.
● Porter patients within the facility or campus as requested for ward transfers, appointments and other needs to enable the patient to access required services and assist with facility bed and resource management.
● Provide general assistance in the ward/ facility, including moving heavy equipment, making unoccupied beds and loading/unloading commercial-type washing machines to ensure the smooth running of the facility.
● Completing all duties consistently, adhering to safe manual handling principles and infection prevention and control guidelines to minimise risks to self and patient.
● Complete documentation and reports applicable to the role in an accurate, complete and timely manner to ensure adequate communication with other staff.
● Participate in quality programs as required to ensure ongoing improvement of services within the work area.

● Prioritising workload to achieve all tasks on time in high-volume work areas.
● Promote a harmonious team environment within a large, diverse team of people with differing ideas, thoughts and opinions.

1. Understand food production and cleaning requirements in health facilities in line with the State Regulatory Food Safety Plan, Government Health Environment Cleaning and HACCP.
2. Knowledge of food safety and hygiene, including understanding of confidentiality principles.
3. Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal direct supervision
4. Ability to work effectively as a team member and take directions from a supervisor.
5. Ability and willingness to work shifts on a rotating roster, including weekends and public holidays.
6. Demonstrate an understanding of area health principles.
7. Current state workplace competency certifications are necessary to complete key accountabilities for the role.

The role and its responsibilities are to be carried out in a manner that is consistent with all relevant delegations, policies and procedures at both the District and State Health levels. Consistent with this, all employees are:
1. Expected to model the State Health values and ensure all workplace conduct aligns with these values
2. and the State Health Code of Conduct.
3. Required to identify, assess, eliminate/control, and monitor hazards and risks within the workplace, to the extent of delegated authority for the role, as per Work Health Safety policy/procedure.
4. Expected to provide safe, high-quality healthcare and services, identify and manage clinical risk as applicable to the role, and participate in continuous improvement activities in line with Regional Area Health’s strong commitment to quality and safety